2much Items

This datapack adds a lot of items and functions. On this website you will find all information about items, recipes, updates and future features.

The pack is developed by one person (me / Oskar).

The LPS Recipe Core API pack was developed by Legopitstop, who also developed the popular MoreFood datapack.

Join my discord if you have any questions,ideas or to share feedback.


Armor sets

Each of these 5 sets grants an individual buff which is only

active if you have equipped all 4 set parts. 

You craft them like normal armor.


You can also make new tools from the precious stones. 

Pickaxes, for example, give more gems from ores. 

The axes enable the tree to be dismantled immediately

 if the correct ax is used for the tree. The wands act like

weapons and enable powerful spells to be cast when you 

are in combat. Each spell consumes mana which is displayed

above the hunger bar and regenerates naturally. With the 

Mana Pool you can increase the maximum mana.


The datapack extends the ore loot table so that 

various new resources and gemstones are dropped.

4 new gemstones are currently being dropped. 

These can be used to make new armor sets and tools.

Here are all the items that are  included in the pack and

have one use. It is planned to add more items.  

Planned features

My goal is to develop an extensive boss loot system 

which scales with the number of bosses killed.

Who knows terraria will surely also know accessories,

 I would also like to insert such a mechanism.

Another dream is to add random dungeon generation

 but there is still a lot of work involved.